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The smaller version of our Lion Paw Fire Poi is a more athletic, lighter model, able to be swung faster and with more precision. Sadly, I can't make this as I am off toe Play festa. The Fussy Pup Circus Collection.

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Leviathan Visual Poi Free Flow. Free lessons, beginner to advanced Plus in-depth step-by-step courses Learn poi! Your Privacy Settings Our website uses cookies to personalise content, keep contents in your acquisti cart and as part of the checkout experience. For more information, please refer to documentation in the Russian database. Lightburst poi are comprised of 2 durable silicone balls, each housing super-bright LED's which fluidly change the colour of the appresso continuously, with a smooth colour change cycle of approx. Ridley's Circus Juggling Balls Set of 3. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or advice! Come along and see some of the best contemporary acts at the Kettle of Fish cabaret, followed by a fire show in The Hawth grounds. Marketing Cookies Marketing Cookies do track personal data.

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We normally dispatch on the same or next working day! Glowstringing, or using glowsticks swung from shoelaces, is popular at festivals and raves. The circus needed an exciting new attraction to draw in the younger crowd, but roller coasters are too large and heavy to transport. My colleagues tell me that the Meat Circus specializes in anomalously altering human physiology. To learn your first moves, go to our quick start This was a fun rabbit hole to go down.

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FireShow "ARCANUM" (State Circus of Vladivostok city). Final Programm


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